Valentines Experience


2021 Valentine Package


After our tremendously popular New Year’s Romance Dinner; my wife Sherri transformed our elegant Christmas Tree into a beautiful Valentine’s Tribute.  I guessed that was my hint that it was time to complete our plans for the 2021 Valentine’s Celebration!  And more importantly to let all our friends and Sawmill supporters know what I have put together for this special celebration of love.


Please see the attached package which I truly believe will make for another unforgettable and very special Date Night Celebration!  Our Chefs will have everything prepared and ready for you . . . you pick the package up . . . and I will personally help you with step-by-step instructions to transform a ‘dinner at home’ into ‘A Gourmet Dining Experience’ where YOU are the stars!  You choose the various components from the attached menu to create your very own unique feast! 


Join me online and I will have the pleasure of talking you through and showing you how to do the simple steps to finish your personal masterpiece.   Lots of helpful hints on creating your own special touches and creating a perfect getaway to your own exclusive ‘Maison Mon Amour Restaurant’.   I will supply customized menu cards, fresh rose petals, even include a beautiful gift box of hand painted Jacek Chocolates!  Look for other unique and special surprises included as well.   You may want to share this with other friends with whom you might usually celebrate Valentines with?  Those of you who joined with us on New Year’s know what a fabulous time we had ‘together’.  Share the love!


Please contact me as soon as possible as there will be a limited number of packages available – I fully expect another complete sell-out!  The package is featured over the entire weekend so YOU choose what works best for YOU!  Deadline for ordering will be February 8th OR when we sell out, whichever comes first.  You can text me questions if you wish (780-818-3659).


Pick-Ups will be between 12:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Friday-Saturday-Sunday from the Sawmill Catering kitchen centre at 12165-Fort Road NW.  Each package is set as a ‘couple’ BUT you may want other members of your household to join.  We can certainly accommodate this – no smaller portions are available though.   To Book, simply email me back at with your selections and personal details to make it all happen!


Sherri and I cannot wait to celebrate Valentine’s with YOU!  Remember, It’s not just a dinner; It’s an experience!


Best Regards,